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SEO Mercury is the Social Media Marketing Agency in Jaipur that don’t work only on Facebook, twitter, linkedin like others, We do efforts on google+, Quora,  You Tube, ,Reddit, Pinterest, Flickr, Stumble Upon, slide share etc along with that social media platform which helps in engage more clients to your business. Our main application of SMO services is that involves engaging social media websites to reach out to your niche customers and boosting your business. Social Media Optimization is a new optimization technique that allows to increase your brand awareness,  attract  visitors through facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, you tube ect. It is one of your greatest assets for improving your site’s organic search results by connecting with people in various online venues. 

Social Media Platform for Business


It is a great platform where you can start Business page and engage customers. Facebook should make a notable difference in reaching your goals when used properly.



Platform of Photo sharing social media channel. It is amazing for all sort of businesses. It is one of the highest audience engagement rates in social media.


Micro blogging social media sites, easier to gain followers. In this brands don’t need to pay in order to reach their followers. Twitter ads primarily to drive brand awareness.


One of the best B2B social networking sites and make sure to add your company listing. The LinkedIn campaign delivered a response rate. It is a platform where you tend to find the highest average disposable income.


Very interesting platform where you can ask questions and connect with people. It is the place for small business owners to build your authority on topics, drive traffic to your site and even get some SEO benefits.


Known as forum website. This platform is largely underused by marketers. From discussion growth of brand can be increase. By creating threads regarding brands information can delivered in lots of people.

We are the Best SEO Company in Jaipur because we don’t target only the marketing reach; rather we target the more traffic to your website and provide a complete ROI. Our goal is always to engage your customers and drive business results. We focus on market your business and reach your target customer with unique SMO strategies.


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