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Single-Page Websites and SEO: Does that work?

No question: single-page sites are on the rise that offers visitors all relevant information on one page. They not only look cool, but are also particularly well suited for sites that want to operate storytelling. The seemingly endless vertical scrolling is nowadays no more an argument against the modern design. But how does the single-page […]

Facebook Likes not affect the Google ranking

Perform a high number of Facebook Likes or a high number of followers on Twitter to better placement of websites in the search results of Google? The Answer by Matt Cutts from Google web spam team on this issue in the latest Webmaster Help video is a resounding “No”. Google treats Facebook pages and Twitter, […]

Increase Visit Duration

A company’s website is more than their visual business card. In order to bring visitors to your website and to stay on your website and you want to get a potential customer, it is necessary to generate services and products offered an interesting added value to the customer. Care about content To make your website […]

Google Doodle Today: Halloween witch

The Google Doodle for today is Halloween Witch: Happy Halloween!. There is so much traffic from Google on the topic. For years, Google replaced its standard logo on special occasions from time to time against one of a link to a specific topic. Today is this “halloween witch”.The remarkable thing is that there is very much search […]

Google Ranking Factors

Ranking Factors: How to analyze and evaluate Website to get top ranking in Search Engines? The key of the search engines like Google and Yahoo that they assess websites and place in the top list is very secret. Moreover, there is Google Panda and Google Penguin update we get in every 3 months, so search […]

User Satisfaction is Major Ranking Factor

Today Every SEO Company or SEO Firm offers Affordable SEO Services to attract client to get their website and earn money, but the most important thing is that user satisfaction to achieve good ranking in Search Engines. I will share information how important user satisfaction. There are many SEO Firms that give low price packages, […]

Five Basic SEO Mistakes

What are the Five Basic SEO Mistakes that you can make as a website owner? This question is at the center, which has appeared. Here are excerpts of statements by Matt Cutts, which relate to the on-page as well as off page area. The Website cannot be Crawled The biggest mistake, according to Matt Cutts […]

Negative SEO – Dark Side of the SEO

What is Negative SEO? Negative SEO is different from the classical search engine optimization only in that they are not committed to improving the rankings of your website, but on the contrary, the ranking of competitors in Google tries to push down. The measures for that are used in the same as for SEO, only […]

SEO with Google Analytics Alerts

Google Analytics is one of the basic tools for every search engine optimizer. SEO needs to readily available and accurate information about website statistics and this is where Google Analytics comes into play. Google is to protect a range of information about website and share some of them on their website, so we can use […]

Google Page Speed Analyzer Tool : Page Speed Insight

There are many factors that are important, but some that are less important, too. Over time, it can also happen that certain factors lose their importance or some are so important. Among the many ranking factors, Page Speed had long been a dormant factor that was hardly taken seriously. Over time, it has gained more […]