SEO with Google Analytics Alerts

Google Analytics is one of the basic tools for every search engine optimizer. SEO needs to readily available and accurate information about website statistics and this is where Google Analytics comes into play.

Google is to protect a range of information about website and share some of them on their website, so we can use this and take their advantage.

In Google Analytics you can get the Alerts or Notifications so it can remove a lot of work. Instead of starting a series of queries daily, direct and automatic notification alerts help to get essential view. The following examples will give you a good idea of what information you have to provide for the daily SEO work by Google Analytics.

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Where can I find the settings in Google Analytics?

Open your Google Analytics account and go to Settings / Radar Reports / Custom alerts. Here you can basically create and configure your own settings. You can choose between daily, weekly and monthly reports.

After choosing the name and website (if you have multiple websites, you can also alert for one or more additional add) it goes into detail.

What Change Can I do with Google Analytics?

In the period window you specify when you want to receive this notification (day, week, and month) and select the window “Send Email if this notification is triggered.”

You can set up the conditions in the analytical areas in which like “visitor”, “Traffic Sources”, “Content”, “e-commerce” and “systems” configure to the last detail. Combined with the selection menu “Send notification when” and “condition” and “Value” you will find everything you need to make your report as you wish. If you have selected your settings, save your new report and you are supplied with the last news analysis of your website.

How Google Analytics are useful?

  • Strong increase or decrease the traffic from the organic search results

  • Strong increase or decrease in traffic from social networks like Facebook and Twitter

  • Strong increase or decrease the figures visit duration, pages / visit and bounce rate

  • Strong increase of the call to 404 pages

  • Sharp decline in the website speed


The Google Analytics alerts take off your work and analysis to draw your attention to where work is needed. To learn immediately of traffic fluctuations and can react quickly when problems arise. Try some parameter, so you can see how these work in the SEO notification worked. Once defined, the default parameters will help to keep your website in under control.

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