Negative SEO – Dark Side of the SEO

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What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is different from the classical search engine optimization only in that they are not committed to improving the rankings of your website, but on the contrary, the ranking of competitors in Google tries to push down. The measures for that are used in the same as for SEO, only that they are to make the opposite effect. They should specifically harm the other websites.

Why Bother?

With the usual SEO measures competitor doesn’t succeed to overtake Google in the ranking, and that is the reason they could increase the desirability of negative SEO. This is the targeted attack on the ranking and the trust of a website.

Google cannot easily decreased ranking for many years’ recognized and successful websites. Critically, it may affect already be in relatively young, or niche sites that have not yet had the opportunity to build plenty of Trust. That’s why the Negative SEO is increased by plenty of company.

How does Negative SEO Work?

Negative SEO has the goal of the attack to the good ranking website by bombarded with spam links. The attacker simply builds links from spam website for targeted website or/and create a weak link profile and make your website look as spamming. They are successful when Google identifies your site as spam or above and optimized evaluates your website in the ranking.

How to Avoid Negative SEO?

Google has presented itself in the fall of 2012 a tool using that you can remove the spam link. This tool is “Disavow tool” which offers in Google webmasters the opportunity to let devalue links, and get rid of Spam Links. In addition, it is recommended to regularly build links from strong, trusted and relevant to the topic, website, so a negative SEO is extracted from the ground.


Just the fact that negative SEO exists and there is no reason to afraid of death of the website. If you have found, however inexplicable ranking crashes lately, it could be negative SEO one of the reasons in addition to the regular Google updates.

If conspicuous place in the analysis of your link profiles or get lots of spam links, then you should take countermeasures for it or or make conversation with the  SEO Company which can help you.

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