Five Basic SEO Mistakes

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What are the Five Basic SEO Mistakes that you can make as a website owner? This question is at the center, which has appeared. Here are excerpts of statements by Matt Cutts, which relate to the on-page as well as off page area.

  • The Website cannot be Crawled

    The biggest mistake, according to Matt Cutts was to have a website that cannot be crawled by Googlebot. Web crawlers followed links on the internet to find websites and included in the index. If important content pages are “hidden” on the website, Google cannot get to the vines this content.

  • It is not used the Language of the Seeker

    n=”justify”>Every website owner needs to ask the question: Are the words present on their own pages, that really uses a seeker in everyday life?

  • Focusing Too Much on the Link Building

    Matt Cutts recommends more energy to invest is creating compelling content rather than solely try to create only link building.

  • The website has Poor Page Titles and Page Descriptions

    Matt Cutts advises, especially on the home page and pages with high traffic that the page title (Meta title) and the page description (Meta description) to give significant attention. This should encourage the seeker to click and hold a ready answer to his question. On high-traffic sites you could experiment with different description texts to find out if you can in more visitors.

  • Not use of Google resources for webmasters

    Google offers website owners a variety of free resources to optimize their own website: Google Webmaster Tools, Google Webmaster Help forum etc.

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