Increase Visit Duration

A company’s website is more than their visual business card. In order to bring visitors to your website and to stay on your website and you want to get a potential customer, it is necessary to generate services and products offered an interesting added value to the customer.

increase visit duration

Care about content

To make your website interesting, they should be regularly maintained. This means they must be filled regularly with interesting content. Customers like to be addressed and deal in viewing and reading the contents which is active with the company.

Headlines provide Orientation

Visitors do not read each point carefully. Here headings are important to give the visitors a brief overview of topic and then encourage them to read the contents completely.

Your own site can also score with free gifts. Users, who sign up to the mailing list or participate in a survey, receive a gift in return. This ties and encourages them to check back often for small presents.

Targeted actions with customers can individualize them and customer requirements can be detected.

Quick on the subject

Low loading of some topics is important. Hardly a visitor wants to watch the content you want to load. Unfortunately, the bored leads to the demolition. Information should be available in a timely manner.

Clear start and Reader-friendly

The home page of your website needs structure. This allows users to identify and select which information is important so it’s worth reading at first glance. A personal and clear writing style is appealing to the customers. Here is a direct sales approach a good start to bring potential customers to linger on the website.

Texts should not only be easy to read content, but typeface also important. Here it is advantageous if the text stand out from the background well. Headings are bold to highlight ideally, so that they stand out to the reader immediately.

The Company Blog: More than one Opinion

An interesting business blog can be a magnet for customers. The blog is regularly maintained and should give customers the opportunity to ask questions. The interactive communication between you and customers are integrated into business operations and can more easily identify with the products and services.

It is not only to attract the attention of your customers, but also to keep portals to offer, where customers ask questions and they are answered.

Here, a systematic breakdown of topics help to quickly bring customers on already answered questions. This information facilitates offers your customers an information about a product or service. The own corporate blog should be actively connected with the contents of the page. So the blog can be in regular sequence to point to new products or services.

However, it is important that regular maintenance of the website. It should be required after a strong start, a regular follow-up of the website.

Images: Complement your words

In addition to the content of the website also needed optimized graphics and photos are a customer magnet. The graphics support in the ideal case of the text and create a perfect synergy between the two points. Also photos from your employees will help to increase the credibility and the personal claim of the page.

Visual elements, such as embedded videos of products or the performance of your business portfolio attract not only the attention but also facilitate the recording of information.

Social media: Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus

There is important in the active involvement of the social networks. Here you can get actively involved in the dialogue with customers. Certain regularity is needed for Social Media. Companies that have something to say and make it interesting as well as want to clicked more often than those who are constantly presenting the same content. Social Media is a great way to appeal to a broad client and to communicate with it.

Company Newsletter

The newsletter is a variant to inspire consumers again and again. Also, topics that are not necessarily in connection with its products can be interesting. Innovations on the market, trends or small firms’ stories speak to your customers. In the best case, your newsletter is always so exciting or funny that customers wait for the next edition.

News can be submitted in writing, communicated as audio Post Cast or shown as videos. All news, blogs or videos are structured to integrate into the website. Here is a clear structure important because visitors do not want to be run over by a blind offer.

Make sure that do not require all the technical means and the opportunities available. Numerous flashing banners unsettle the visitors rather than to attract attention.

Well Structure

A clearly structured menu bar ensures clarity and leads directly to the issue. Interesting News, an interactive blog and quality pictures and videos speak to the seriousness of your business are credible.

Homepage-Tools like little chats or surveys highlight the own website out of the mainstream. An internal customer area, in addition to the customer’s own data also finds specific information is not only personally, but also meaningful.

Visitors can chat with each other and exchange information, and stay longer on the page. The extras from your page and the respective highlights are placed ideally on the home page and drop the visitor immediately apparent.

Direct Contact

Visitors are seeking for information and detailed product descriptions. If questions can be asked directly and are answered promptly, preventing a search on another website. So there is no media break, if more comprehensive information is desired.

The customer is often thought about some beneficial service or product. For this reason, your customers now expect entertainment and active communication in addition to detailed information. At that time the customer is like to see your website.

This is evidence of interest in your clientele and binds existing customers. Interesting websites focus on the essentials, like that are user friendly, work specifically with technology, offer custom, – and product-specific extra description and have a sophisticated design, which does not affect overloaded. This effect should not distract from the actual content of the website and supports customer in the ideal case.

Group-oriented Content and Trends

Your website should be designed according to the wishes of the target group; here to represent only own claims, can be counterproductive. Ultimately, it is the customer is always the king.

Many customers go online today with mobile devices such as Smartphone’s. Here is a version of the website is important, which is tailored to mobile devices. Thus, content can also be easily accessed from the anywhere by Smartphone. So your website should be easily accessed by smart phones.


Increase Visits duration surely increases the traffic of the website as well as decrease the bounce rate. For that we have to care about visitor requirement and help to them find whatever they want to easiest way.

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  1. John Lennon December 20, 2013 at 10:22 am //

    Is there any alternate way to reduce “Bounce Rate” of a landing page which consist of single page only?


    • Dhaval Soni December 20, 2013 at 1:19 pm //

      If it consist of single page then you should give more related content and it should be well-formed so visitor interested to read your content and you can reduce bounce rate.


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