Questions and answers to help gain a better understanding of SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that is used to increase website traffic quality through organic search engine result in which we do ON-Page-Optimization and Off-Page-optimisation.

What is On-Page-Optimization

It refers to all the things that you can do on your website which you can control. Such as website structure, internal linking etc.

What is Off-Page-Optimization

It refers the promoting your website on other sites through link building which are is so much under your control.

What is Keyword and why it is important in SEO

A keyword is query search by people by which they search anything for getting specific information on Search Engine. It is a process of improving structure, content so that search engine can index website properly. We do promotion to boost the ranking of the website.

What is the Keyword Steaming

The process of finding the most relevant keywords and choose the best keyword for the website based on the search volume target. So that we can get organic traffic through that keyword.

What is the keyword Stuffing

It is inserting a large number of keywords in into Web content and meta tags to increase a page’s ranking in search results and get more traffic to the site. This is not good for SEO.



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